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South African Safari

Elephant South African Safari

How do you select a topic for your first ever travel blog post?  This is the question I’ve been asking myself while building my website and reviewing content from every amazing trip I have ever taken. Reviewing all of my media from over 15 years, I was inspired by a video I took while on South African safari:

So many thoughts filled my mind. In that moment I feared for my life. Watching the spat indirectly through the lens of my camera is the only reason I didn’t completely panic. Looking back on it, I think its adorable how these lions play just like mine at home.

I’d long dreamed of going on safari in Africa to see the lions, elephants, giraffes, zebras, rhinos, leopards, and all of the other wildlife. My expectations were high, but WOW, Kruger National Park exceeded all of my expectations.

My husband and I did a 3 day Kruger Experience, from Johannesburg, organized by Intrepid Travel. The itinerary kicked off with our favorite part of the trip, a big game drive through a private game reserve. We were loaded into open top 4×4 vehicles and escorted through a lush animal filled wonderland.

Next up, our second day focused on a drive through one of the largest game reserves in South Africa, Kruger National Park. The park covers over 7,500 square miles and hosts more species of large mammals than any other African game reserve.

The main difference between the private game reserve and Kruger is the ability to get up close with the animals. The vehicles in Kruger National Park are restricted to the roads, while the 4x4s in the private reserve can go off road and get you very close to any animals they spot. Don’t let this deter you from Kruger, as you’ll see more heards and large groups of animals than you could see in a small game reserve. They are both worth visiting!

Finally, our tour concluded after a short bush walk and we headed back to Johannesburg.  It is hard to say whether a three day South African safari was long enough. In the moment it was. The experience was incredible. We saw so many different species of mammal, bird, reptile, flora, and fauna. We crossed off a major bucket-list item. In the end though, we will always dream about going back for another African safari.

South African Safari Travel Guide

Must Do’s
• Take a game drive at a private game reserve.
• Take a game drive in Kruger National Park.

Where to Stay
Thornill Safari Lodge – We enjoyed our stay here very much. The rooms are not over the top luxurious, but they are clean and provide everything you could need. The staff, food, and drink were all very good.

• Lock the doors to your lodge room at all times so the baboons don’t break in!
• Visit from August-November to see the most animals. Waterholes shrink as the dry season ends, causing the animals to congregate where they can be seen.
• Enjoy beautiful red sunrises and sunsets.
• Opt for guided game drives over self-drive. The guides have excellent eyes to help spot wildlife and can teach you about all of the animal species as well as conservation.

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