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    Baha Mar Bahamas

    Baha Mar Bahamas Confessions of a Travaholic

    The Caribbean is home to 28 island nations composed of over 7,000 individual islands, and almost all of them have a risk of Zika. If you’re searching for the perfect Zika-free beach destination in the Caribbean, look no further than Baha Mar Bahamas. The Commonwealth of The Bahamas offers hundreds of beach laden islands, cays, and islets to explore and with close proximity to mainland USA, you’ll be sipping tropical smoothies with your feet in the sand in no time!

    Baha Mar Bahamas Confessions of a Travaholic

    The easiest island to access by commercial air is Paradise Island, home to the capital city of Nassau. There are two main resort complexes on the island, the famous Atlantis Paradise Island and the newer Baha Mar. The appeal of new and clean sent us packing our bags for a long weekend getaway at the Baha Mar Bahamas.

    Where to Stay – Baha Mar Bahamas Hotels

    Baha Mar Bahamas Confessions of a Travaholic

    Baha Mar Complex from Cable Beach

    The Baha Mar complex currently offers three levels of accommodation.

    Grand Hyatt Baha Mar

    The 4-star Grand Hyatt Baha Mar is hardly a base level hotel, but it is the most basic accommodation in the complex. It is also the largest. Offering 1,800 rooms, the Grand Hyatt is the center of the Baha Mar facility. Offering rooms at all price levels, there is something for everyone at the Grand Hyatt.

    SLS Baha Mar

    Baha Mar Bahamas Confessions of a Travaholic

    Views from the SLS of Baha Mar and Cable Beach

    The modern 299-room SLS Baha Mar offers 5-star service with elevated style and comfort. The trendy finishes and fun vibe of the SLS reminded me of the W hotels brand which is targeted at a younger crowd. With all white floors, walls, bedding, and décor, the colorful lighting and accents make the style of these rooms unique.

    Rosewood Baha Mar

    The refined luxury of Rosewood Baha Mar is evident from the moment you arrive. You’re greeted at the airport with champagne and whisked away to your lavish suite. The full-service 5-star resort offers some of the largest suites on Paradise island with service and a price tag to match.

    Where to Eat – Baha Mar Bahamas Restaurants

    Baha Mar Bahamas Confessions of a Travaholic

    The Baha Mar Resorts are connected by beautiful outdoor walkways and indoors by the lively casino. Each property has their own restaurants, which are open to guests of each other’s properties as well as the general public. It seemed as though the quality, service, and prices of the restaurants tended to match that of the managing hotel.

    Fi’lia (SLS)

    We really enjoyed the atmosphere, service, and food at the Italian restaurant Fi’lia. With plenty of beautiful patio seating, we were able to enjoy the colors of the sky at sunset while we filled our bellies. We were served quickly and the food was fast and delicious.

    Cleo Mediterraneo (SLS)

    My favorite of the Baha Mar restaurants, Cleo offers unique food that is truly delicious. We ordered about six dishes to share. They came quickly and we loved every single one of them!

    Bungalow Pool Bar & Grill (SLS)

    Our go-to for lunch, while relaxing poolside, was Bungalow at the SLS pool. They offer a variety of delicious salads and sandwiches as well as fancy popsicles to keep you cool.

    3 Tides (Grand Hyatt)

    A good choice for a la carte breakfast, 3 tides offers some nice breakfast options including the breakfast flatbread and large omelets. The buffet, on the other hand, leaves something to be desired. At dinner, we experienced a nightmare of poor service and food making our “best seat in the house” dinner quite an unpleasant meal.

    Shuang Ba (Grand Hyatt)

    While the food at Shuang Ba was delicious, it was very overpriced for Chinese food. To top it off, the restaurant refused to serve tap water and only offered overpriced bottles for the table. I’ll take a hard pass on $35 spicy beef with an $8 water. No thanks!

    We found the SLS restaurants to offer the best food and service for the price. The Grand Hyatt restaurants were just fine by service and food standards, but nothing to write home about.

    What to Do – Baha Mar Bahamas

    Baha Mar Bahamas Confessions of a Travaholic

    While kayaks, paddleboards, and snorkeling gear was provided on the beach, strong winds and waves kept us beach bound during our visit. We enjoyed relaxing on Cable Beach, lounging by the pool during the day, and walking to the end of the pier for sunset.

    With multiple hotels, Baha Mar Bahamas offers plenty of options for nightlife. SLS has a pool club day party and Grand Hyatt offers a nightclub. Each hotel provides a bar and lounge. We spent most of our evenings at the craps tables or playing blackjack in the casino. One evening we watched a children’s movie by the pool.

    Nearby you’ll find a Daiquiri Shack offering delicious smoothies, cocktails, and beer. Walk further west and you can reach a few small shops, restaurants, and a grocery store near Olde Towne Sandyport.

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    Nassau has a beautiful old town with restored British Colonial structures and colorful shacks. We took the Nassau Food Tasting and Cultural Walking Tour with Captain Ron to get a taste for the local flavors and culture. The three-hour tour gave us a great feel for the city and we got to try things like Conch Fritters, Conch Chowder, and local chocolates. My favorite stop was at the Graycliff Cigar Company where we watched the locals hand roll cigars. Most of the food was really good, and while we got a little overheated by the end of the tour, it was really nice to take a break from the monotony of resort life.

    Baha Mar Bahamas Tips and Tricks

    • Taxis are easy to come by. We paid $18 for two people into the city at a flat rate.
    • If you’re staying at the SLS, email them to arrange your transportation from the airport in advance because it may be included with your room.
    • Check the gym for free bottled water if you run out in your room.
    • US Dollars are accepted and widely used in the Bahamas, but you’ll often be given change in Bahamian dollas. The exchange rate is 1:1.
    • Tips are typically already included in the service charge. Check your receipt to make sure.
    • Complimentary sunblock can be found at many of the towel huts throughout the Baha Mar complex so you can leave your sunscreen at home. Apply and reapply, for free!

      Baha Mar Bahamas Confessions of a Travaholic

      27-foot Chandelier lights the entrance of the SLS Baha Mar

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