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    Island of Ibiza

    Island of Ibiza Confessions of a Travaholic

    The Island of Ibiza is a world of its own. Imagine the wild pool clubs of Las Vegas strung together by a long tranquil beach and crashing waves. Then add a twist of Renaissance-era architecture and Mediterranean style. That is the Island of Ibiza. Like Las Vegas, it seems the island rarely sleeps. With so much natural beauty and entertainment, why would it?

    Island of Ibiza Must Do’s

    Scoot around the IslandIsland of Ibiza Confessions of a Travaholic

    Take in the views at Blue Marlin Beach Club

    Island of Ibiza Confessions of a Travaholic

    Blue Marlin Beach Club

    Hike to the Es Vedra View Point and watch the boats sail by

    Island of Ibiza Confessions of a Travaholic

    Es Vedra View Point

    Sunbathe at Comte Beach

    Island of Ibiza Confessions of a Travaholic


    Enjoy lunch at Cala Bassa Beach Club

    Island of Ibiza Confessions of a Travaholic

    Cala Bassa

    Ride through the San Antonio Bay Promenade and circle back towards Ibiza town

    Island of Ibiza Confessions of a Travaholic

    Scooter Tour Map

    Explore Ibiza Town

    Island of Ibiza Confessions of a Travaholic

    Dalt Vila and the Port of Ibiza

    Ibiza offers shopping at all hours, scenic views across the harbor, and the stunning old town fortress walls of Dalt Vila.

    Get your club onIsland of Ibiza Confessions of a Travaholic

    Located in the center of Platja D’en Bossa, the biggest beach near Ibiza town, Ushuaia is one of the biggest and most well-known beach clubs in Ibiza.  Offering general admission and VIP tables, there is something for everyone at this club.

    Island of Ibiza Confessions of a Travaholic

    VIP Table

    If you’re not a huge fan of clubbing, opt for a VIP table to which you can retreat during each set. The table service is amazing and there is plenty of room to dance or chill in the private section.

    Island of Ibiza Confessions of a Travaholic


    As day turns to night, the party only gets crazier.  Professional dancers make appearances on towers around the club and jets fly over en route to the airport.

    If you’ve still got energy after the party winds down, don’t fret.  There are plenty of after parties and after-the-after-party parties to carry you on into the next day of clubbing.

    Island of Ibiza – Where to Stay

    Island of Ibiza Confessions of a Travaholic

    Hard Rock Hotel

    The Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza is the perfect place to stay if you’re looking to enjoy the best of Ibiza.  The beautiful pools play music all day. The beach club offers great oceanside food and drinks with chairside service.  The rooms are comfortable and clean and the views from the rooftop terrace are some of the best on the island.

    Island of Ibiza Confessions of a Travaholic

    Platja D’en Bossa

    Platja D’en Bossa beach is your walkway to nearby clubs, restaurants, shopping, and more.  Relax in the sand. Cool off in the ocean. Watch the planes descend as the sun sets.

    Island of Ibiza Tips

    • If you plan on renting a car, you’ll want to get an international driver’s permit. While we didn’t need this in Málaga, it was a strict requirement in Ibiza.
    • Dress code in Ibiza is a seriously mixed bag.  People wear everything from bathing suits with belts and heels to fancy dresses.  Make sure to research specific club rules before you arrive.

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