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  • Tierra Chiloé Chilean Adventure Confessions of a Travaholic
    Up for Adventure

    Chilean Adventure

    In February, I decided that a last-minute vacation was absolutely necessary to survive the winter. Short, dark days had me itching for the Southern hemisphere. I came across Tierra Hotels while…

  • Baha Mar Bahamas Confessions of a Travaholic
    By the Beach

    Baha Mar Bahamas

    The Caribbean is home to 28 island nations composed of over 7,000 individual islands, and almost all of them have a risk of Zika. If you’re searching for the perfect Zika-free beach…

  • Highlights

    Baltic Cruise

    Extended family vacations can be difficult. Trying to balance different personalities, interests, and expectations make for a complex planning process.  The nice thing about a cruise vacation is that you can…

  • Island of Ibiza Confessions of a Travaholic
    By the Beach

    Island of Ibiza

    The Island of Ibiza is a world of its own. Imagine the wild pool clubs of Las Vegas strung together by a long tranquil beach and crashing waves. Then add a twist…

  • Andalusia, Spain Confessions of a Travaholic Alhambra at sunset
    Highlights In the City

    Andalusia, Spain

    Southern Spain is known for beautiful beaches, hilly terrain, and yellow farmlands dotted with deep green almond trees and olive groves.  The region, known as Andalusia (or Andalucía) was under Moorish…

  • Dayover in Abu Dhabi Confessions of a Travaholic
    Dayover Highlights In the City

    Dayover in Abu Dhabi

    The United Arab Emirates is a country of wealth, opulence and sophistication.  From high-end restaurants to shopping and stunning architecture, Abu Dhabi is a wonderful place to explore for an afternoon…

  • Jogasaki Coast Trail Izu Peninsula Japan Confessions of a Travaholic
    Up for Adventure

    Izu Peninsula

    While no trip to Japan is complete without a visit to the bustling city of Tokyo or a traditional escape to Kyoto, coastal Japan offers a beautiful onsen (the Japanese word…

  • Night Market Food Tour Confessions of a Travaholic Highlights of Taiwan
    Highlights In the City

    Highlights of Taiwan

    Taiwan is an interesting blend of Japanese and Chinese cultures.  The island has switched hands over the centuries creating a special mix of Japanese courtesy with Chinese hustle. Exploring our 60th…

  • ANA First Class Seat
    Airline Review

    ANA First Class

    In Japan, standards for service and hospitality are set very high. According to the Michelin Guide, Omotenashi means taking pride in anticipating and fulfilling people’s needs in advance. This philosophy of…

  • Dayover in Cairo Confessions of a Travaholic
    In the City Up for Adventure

    Dayover in Cairo

    Cairo is one of those cities that you dream about visiting, but worry about safety and the stability of the region.  The allure of the pyramids, camels, sphinx, hot teas and…