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  • Tierra Chiloé Chilean Adventure Confessions of a Travaholic
    Up for Adventure

    Chilean Adventure

    In February, I decided that a last-minute vacation was absolutely necessary to survive the winter. Short, dark days had me itching for the Southern hemisphere. I came across Tierra Hotels while…

  • By the Beach

    5 days in Bora Bora

    Nestled under the peaks of an extinct volcano sits a beautiful lagoon protected by a series of motus (little islands) and a barrier reef.   The waters are home to a plethora…

  • 5 days in Moorea Confessions of a Travaholic
    By the Beach

    5 days in Moorea

    Welcome to French Polynesia; the land of steep green peaks and calm turquoise lagoons teaming with tropical fish, rays, and sharks. The biggest island, Tahiti, is composed of two extinct volcanoes…

  • Discovering Uruguay
    By the Beach Highlights

    Discovering Uruguay

    Discovering Uruguay was like discovering a beautiful little secret. A small country sitting between Brazil and Argentina on the Eastern coast of South America, Uruguay boasts beautiful beaches stretching 410 miles…

  • Angkor Wat Highlights of Cambodia Siem Reap
    Highlights Up for Adventure

    Highlights of Cambodia

    Our visit to Cambodia was a surprising adventure. Not having much knowledge of the country’s history, I learned so much while visiting this amazing place.  The country experienced a terrible genocide…