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    Baltic Cruise

    Extended family vacations can be difficult. Trying to balance different personalities, interests, and expectations make for a complex planning process.  The nice thing about a cruise vacation is that you can…

  • Andalusia, Spain Confessions of a Travaholic Alhambra at sunset
    Highlights In the City

    Andalusia, Spain

    Southern Spain is known for beautiful beaches, hilly terrain, and yellow farmlands dotted with deep green almond trees and olive groves.  The region, known as Andalusia (or Andalucía) was under Moorish…

  • Dayover in Abu Dhabi Confessions of a Travaholic
    Dayover Highlights In the City

    Dayover in Abu Dhabi

    The United Arab Emirates is a country of wealth, opulence and sophistication.  From high-end restaurants to shopping and stunning architecture, Abu Dhabi is a wonderful place to explore for an afternoon…

  • Night Market Food Tour Confessions of a Travaholic Highlights of Taiwan
    Highlights In the City

    Highlights of Taiwan

    Taiwan is an interesting blend of Japanese and Chinese cultures.  The island has switched hands over the centuries creating a special mix of Japanese courtesy with Chinese hustle. Exploring our 60th…

  • Highlights of Edinburgh
    Highlights In the City

    Highlights of Edinburgh

    The highlights of Edinburgh are a majestic blend of Old Town, New Town, and University areas that comprise the most beautiful city in the United Kingdom. This hilly capital city combines…

  • Confessions of a Travaholic Highlights of Prague
    Highlights In the City

    Highlights of Prague

    In a city where beer is cheaper than water, you’ll have a great time exploring the cobblestone streets that meander beneath the picturesque castle of medieval Prague. There is much to…

  • Confessions of a Travaholic Highlights of Argentina

    Highlights of Argentina

    Simply put, the highlights of Argentina are the red wine and the red meat. Buenos Aires Must Do’s Eat Steak Steaks by Luis is an evening of pure bliss. This “secret”…

  • Old Town Square Warsaw Highlights of Poland Confessions of a Travaholic
    Highlights In the City

    Highlights of Poland

    Where do I begin? Being of Polish descent, I had always wanted to visit Poland. I’ll be the first to admit that I knew nothing about this country before my visit,…

  • Discovering Uruguay
    By the Beach Highlights

    Discovering Uruguay

    Discovering Uruguay was like discovering a beautiful little secret. A small country sitting between Brazil and Argentina on the Eastern coast of South America, Uruguay boasts beautiful beaches stretching 410 miles…

  • Angkor Wat Highlights of Cambodia Siem Reap
    Highlights Up for Adventure

    Highlights of Cambodia

    Our visit to Cambodia was a surprising adventure. Not having much knowledge of the country’s history, I learned so much while visiting this amazing place.  The country experienced a terrible genocide…