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  • Dayover in Seoul Confessions of a Travaholic Seoul Layover
    Dayover In the City

    Dayover in Seoul

    A winter dayover in Seoul is a frigid experience.  The beautiful city, surrounded by water and mountains, felt colder at 15°F than any below 0°F winter day I have ever experienced…

  • Highlights of Edinburgh
    Highlights In the City

    Highlights of Edinburgh

    The highlights of Edinburgh are a majestic blend of Old Town, New Town, and University areas that comprise the most beautiful city in the United Kingdom. This hilly capital city combines…

  • Up for Adventure

    Hiking Around the World

    A great vacation must always strike a balance between trying new and delicious food and working off the calories you consume while doing so. Because my favorite travel itineraries always include…

  • Singapore Air Suite Confessions of a Travaholic
    Airline Review

    Singapore Air Suites

    When I planned our entire winter vacation around the availability of two Singapore Air suites from Sydney to Singapore this February, I never in a million years imagined that the company…

  • Travel Rewards Credit Cards Confessions of a Travaholic

    Travel Rewards Credit Cards

    All three of my favorite travel rewards credit cards offer great benefits like priority pass lounge access, no foreign transaction fees, credits for Global Entry and TSA Precheck applications, and savings…

  • Extras

    International Travel Basics

    Use these 10 tips to cover your international travel basics and ensure a great trip. 1. Check your passport expiration date and look for blank pages. Most countries require that your…

  • First Class Korean Air Confessions of a Travaholic
    Airline Review

    Korean Air First Class

    Enjoy a glimpse into our Korean Air First Class Adventure. Have you ever flown business or first class internationally on a long-haul flight (6+ hours)?  From lay-flat seats with 32 inch…

  • More Maui Sunset Grand Wailea
    By the Beach

    More Maui

    Writing the post on Maui last month made me disappointed I had so much left to explore, so I booked a trip to see more Maui! My goals for this trip…

  • Explore Bogota Confessions of a Travaholic
    In the City

    Explore Bogota

    Under the backdrop of the Andes Mountains sits the colorful city of Bogota.  Perched at 8,600 feet of elevation, this city will literally take your breath away.  From the cobblestone streets…

  • Hawaiian Islands Maui Confessions of a Travaholic
    By the Beach

    Hawaiian Islands – Maui

    Maui is a rugged island paradise with 30 miles of pristine white, black, and red sand beaches. With some of the most beautiful and expensive luxury resorts in the world, it’s…